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Client Testimonials

Jennifer and Flo helped my other half and I with a custody matter I am the first to admit that we are not the easiest or most patient clients since our professional work revolves around making business operations more efficient (and the legal system is anything but!).

We passed 100’s of documents, emails, text messages to Jennifer and Flo and somehow they managed to keep them organized and available as evidence when needed. We feel that Jennifer did an amazing job understanding where we were coming from, setting realistic expectations as to the outcome, and working with us at every step of the way as new fuel was added to the fire.

We ended up at trial for ~6 days and Jennifer argued our case and advocated for us in the way I would have done myself… had I gone to law school and passed the bar, of course. Our case was neither easy nor a normal custody battle; it was not an easy fight and we are so grateful that Jennifer was able to take everything we threw at her in stride and eloquently present our position.

If I had to complain about anything, it would be that sometimes communication would take a bit longer than we’d like. However, we blame this as much on the system as we do Jennifer and Flo. When you have multiple attorneys involved, bickering parties and a judge there’s a lot of paper to shuffle and a lot of balls in the air. It can take several days to coordinate all of those parties to get something done, but again, I think this is more just how these cases work and less how Jennifer and Flo do.

We will continue to use Moore Law in the future for all of our family law needs and encourage others to do so as well.
-H.R., 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

George Moore is an experienced, caring, successful attorney. I made an appointment with his office and explained that although at the time he mainly handled wrongful death cases, I considered my having been terminated by my healthcare employer wrongful, and tantamount to possible death of my nursing career. I explained the specifics, and promised to teach him all about proper delivery of medical care and medical laws if he would represent my suit. Mr. Moore agreed.

Because the company was the largest of its kind nationwide, they had resources to spare, and fought our efforts for six years. Mr. Moore learned the ins and outs of NC Board of Nursing’s rules, public health rules, and the insidious ways I knew as an insider in the field regarding how facilities could fake records, black-ball fired employees, and outright lie about patients’ conditions.

The case was first dismissed in local district court, but Mr. Moore saw an opening that the judge had mumbled. He appealed, and we won the right to be heard in a higher court. We won. The company appealed, and they lost. Ultimately, we won in the NC Supreme Court, and improved the state’s public health law. Before the win, NC had a practically unassailable “hire and fire at will” law: Our case now prevents employers from firing a nurse when they abide by “public policy” — nursing regulations and the spirit and specifics of public healthcare law — encouraging competent delivery of care versus facility “politics” and arbitrary and baseless firings.

The case set national precedent, enabling nurses and patients nationwide. Mr. Moore represented me for free for six years, and received a just portion of the company’s settlement payout to me.

Over the years our relationship deepened beyond mere attorney-client to mutually respecting friends. He is a shining example of how a sharp, trusting, and tenacious attorney can aid the little guy, and I am proud to extol his virtues to everyone.
-D.D., 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

Ms. Moore won a family law case for me that I expected to lose. She is a consummate professional in the courtroom, yet explained processes and concepts clearly to me in laymen’s terms. I found it very easy to reach her via email (avoids the “I’m in a meeting” routine), and her office staff responded quickly when processing files and paperwork.
-5.0 Rating ★★★★★