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Asheville Lawyers Represent Parents in Child Support Disputes

Skilled attorneys provide diligent advocacy and advice

No matter how difficult a breakup can be on spouses, the needs of their minor children should always come first. At The Moore Law Office, PLLC in Asheville, our experienced attorneys work tirelessly so that children in Western North Carolina receive the financial support they are entitled to under state law. We assist both custodial and noncustodial parents in actions to set, enforce and modify child support orders throughout Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison, Polk and Transylvania counties. Even in complicated situations, our firm will guide you toward a resolution that enables your child to obtain the support they deserve.

Accomplished firm delivers comprehensive counsel to protect children

If parents are going through a divorce, or even if they were never married, establishing an appropriate child support level is crucial to creating an environment where their child can succeed. For clients who are going through this process, we provide authoritative counsel on matters such as:

  • Calculations — In most situations, child support payment rates are set according to a state formula. The amount is based on the number of children involved, the incomes of each parent, childcare costs, and medical insurance expenses. Our firm advocates on behalf of clients so that accurate information is being used in making support decisions.
  • Imputed income — Sometimes, a parent will intentionally hide or limit their income to reduce their child support obligation. When this occurs, we bring actions on behalf of parents and children to have the wages they would be reasonably expected to earn included in the court’s calculation.
  • Enforcement — North Carolina’s Child Support Enforcement Program is the state agency responsible for ensuring that noncustodial parents adhere to their financial obligations. If a parent is not complying with the order, he or she may face severe sanctions, including wage garnishment and interception of tax refunds.

In these and other family law conflicts, our lawyers provide a consultation so that you can get the information you need to protect your loved ones.

Dedicated advocates help to obtain appropriate child support modifications

Whether you are a custodial or noncustodial parent, a job change, serious illness, or some other life-altering event might make an existing child support order patently unfair. When this occurs, you must petition the court for a modification. Our firm brings prompt actions on behalf of parents to obtain fair adjustments in child support rates.

Contact an experienced Asheville child support lawyer for a consultation

The Moore Law Office, PLLC represents clients in child support and other family law matters throughout Western North Carolina. To learn more about our firm, please call 828-333-4796 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Asheville office.