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North Carolina is a no fault divorce state. In order for a divorce to be granted, the only requirement that must be met is that the married couple be separated for one year. However, property, custody, and financial issues can be resolved before that year is up. If you are in need of supportive legal counsel and experienced advocacy in your divorce, we can help.

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Our Asheville law firm handles all divorce-related issues, such as:

Divorce attorney Jennifer Moore will explain the laws associated with property division and perform a thorough discovery and analysis of all assets and debts throughout the course of the marriage. Separate property is excluded from equitable distribution and values are placed on property at the date of separation.

If one spouse financially relies on the other, depending on the unique circumstances of the case, the dependent spouse may be entitled to support payments in the form of alimony or post-separation support. There are many factors that play into whether spousal support will be awarded, including fault, length of marriage, and a number of other issues. There is no formula for spousal support, as there is for child support.

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Attorney Jennifer Moore has extensive experience handling family law issues. We understand North Carolina divorce law and the factors considered by the court. You can depend on us to perform a thorough evaluation of your situation, provide you with a clear explanation of what you can reasonably expect to achieve, and advocate for your best interests at every stage of the legal process.

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